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Jon gets his space detective game on as he reviews the video game Tacoma. This unique game is more like a movie than a traditional puzzle game, but we bet you'll get sucked in and play to the end.


Rich is back with another tech DIY - This time it's to add some brilliance and ambience to his office using RGBW LED strips and Z-Wave magic! Follow along as Rich takes through the process from start to finish using SUPERNIGHT RGBW strips, Fibaro RGBW controller, a Z-Wave motion sensor, an Amazon Dot (cause, he's a lonely guy and needs someone to talk to!), and ties them all together with his Wink Hub 2!

Want any of the items used in this video?! Get them here:
Fibaro RGBW Micro Controller Z-wave:
Z-wave Plus Easy Install with PET Immunity Motion Detector:
Echo Dot (2nd Generation):
LEDENET RGBW Extension Cable Line 5 Color:


The Horsky E-Blue gaming mouse is fresh on the market. A value gaming mouse at a value price point with a few surprising features. Join Jon as he takes it for a spin.

The Horsky E-Blue gaming mouse is a wired mouse with Multi-color LEDs and  adjustable DPI (500/1250/1750/2500). Good for users who prefer claw grip. 

Product Link:
Horsky E-Blue:


The X-Doria Defense Lux iPhone 7 case is a military grade, durable, machined aluminum exterior framed case. Join jon has he takes a quick look over his new iPhone case. WILL HE DROP TEST IT? (SPOILER ALERT...he won't!)

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The Wink Hub 2 has been on the market for some time now, and for many Wink Hub owners it's been a question of whether it's worth spending another $100 to upgrade to the Wink Hub 2. Join Rich as he digs in and does a performance comparison between the two hubs and find out if it's really worth it to upgrade. Do you find your first generation Wink Hub slow? Rich compares the speed of the Wink Hub vs Wink Hub 2

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Product Description: "Wink Hub 2 is the first smart home hub designed for the mainstream consumer, sporting industry-leading protocol support, a sleek design, enhanced connectivity, and security features that create a best-in-class experience."

What's it like to be the chef of a rice bowl restaurant? Join Rich as he finds out and see if this little game is worth the price...of a bowl of rice. I'll be here all week, try the fish....bowl.

This VR game review is of Counter Fight Samurai Edition, also known as Counter Fight SE. It simulates the fast-paced life of a rice bowl chef as you do your best to please your samurai customers. Or don't. You can also just throw things at them instead. Rich uses an Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch controllers in his VR gameplay.

Oculus Store:
Steam Store:



Star Trek: Bridge Crew lets you step into the role of captain on the Starship Aegis. Join Rich as he takes the Aegis out for a spin and takes a seat in the captain's chair on this first VR game review by 2GuysTek. 

Want to see it for yourself? Go here!

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The ROCCAT Cross headset aims to be your all-in-one gaming headset, but does it pull it off? Find out as Jon takes it for a spin and dances between PCMR gaming and console peasantry! 

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Finding a lamp at a garage sale gets Rich thinking - Can we turn a dumb lamp into a smart one? The answer is yes! Join Rich as he converts a $1 garage sale find into a remotely controllable smart lamp for his home using a Remotec Z-Wave Dry Contact Relay!

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So what's it like living with the beastly water cooled Project: Blue Glass? How does it overclock? How noisy is it? Join Rich and find out!

Haven't seen the making of Project: Blue Glass? Check it out here:




The Schlage Connect Deadbolt is a smart lock for your front door that features both a touchscreen and Z-Wave connectivity for integration into your smart home hub or alarm system.

Rich rips out his old Bluetooth deadbolt and gives the Schlage Connect a shot. Find out how easy it is to install and if Rich gives it his stamp of approval!

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East Brooklyn Labs BAL M50X Review - Jon loves his Audio-Technica ATH-M50x cans, but doesn't want to be tethered. Can the East Brooklyn Labs BAL M50X free Jon from his cabled existence? Find out!

Want one? Here's the links!

East Brooklyn Labs BAL M50X -
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x -

The East Brooklyn Labs BAL-M50X is a smart little bluetooth adapter designed to work specifically with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. The bluetooth device allows you to take your high end studio headphones on the go and enjoy them anywhere you desire, cord free.




Jon and Rich have completed their signature build "Project: Blue Glass" and to celebrate they're giving away a Corsair Crystal Series 570X Case! The very same kind used in the build! 

Complete list of components used:
Gigabyte AORUS GA0Z270X-Gaming 8 Motherboard
Intel Kabylake 7700K CPU
BitFenix ALCHEMY PSU Cable Kit
Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 32GB RAM
Corsair Crystal Series 570X Case
Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD

Liquid Cooling:
2x EK-FC1080 GTW FTW Nickel GPU Water block
EK-FC Terminal DUAL series 3-slot
EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM Pump/Res combo
EK-Supremacy EVO CPU Water block
PrimoChill Ridge RevolverSX Series Fittings
PrimoChill True Infused Electric UV Blue  concentrated coolant
PrimoChill Ridig PETG Tubing
Phobya 2-Way Ball Valve
Enzotech 90∞ Rotary fitting
Barrow 3-Way Ball fitting
Barrow Extender fitting
Swiftech Plugs
XSPC Bulkhead fitting
XSPC EX240 Radiator
XSPC EX360 Radiator

Project Blue Glass has been in the planning from months and we're super proud of the results! Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments below! Very special thank you to Noctua for supplying the fans! Check out Noctua at:


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